An action oriented mentorship

I help startup founders and experienced marketers unleash 2X-5X growth with 1:1 mentoring on digital marketing or AI growth-based tools.
About me: Srinivas Kumar, 15+years digital marketing experience working in global brands with 100+ mentorship sessions with 5 star ratings, CIM UK certified professional marketer with a growing follower base of 7.5K+ digital marketing and AI enthusiasts on LinkedIn and thousands read my weekly newsletter on curated news, tools and prompts on AI.

Why Mentorship?

Personalized Guidance

Receive tailored advice based on your unique needs, industry, and pain points.

Q & A

Address specific questions, concerns, or challenges you're facing in your work or business.

Hands on learning

Engage in practical exercises to reinforce key concepts and develop new skills.

AI is the new superpower

Learn how to work with AI tools to your advantage.
AI is revolutionizing industries worldwide. Don't get left behind - lets talk how i can help you based on your pain points, harnessing prompt based tools like ChatGPT to its full potential or get full knowledge on how to leverage Midjourney AI image generator for your work stream.
Empower yourself today with the ultimate AI toolkit and thrive in the digital era.

Time is the new currency

No BS. Straight actionable steps for execution.

Custom AI tools

Get insights on AI tools which will make sense for you

Boost productivity

Elevate productivity, processes and efficiency

Master Digital Marketing & Strategy tailored to your needs

Overcome Information Overload, Gain Customized Solutions, and Achieve Success in Your Work or Business

Digital Strategy

  • Set Clear Goals

  • Target Audience

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Content Strategy

  • Multi- Channel Approach

  • Data Driven Decision Making

  • Technology Integration

  • User Experience ( UX)

  • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)

Digital Marketing

  • Campaign Objectives

  • Ad creatives

  • Targeting & Segmentation

  • Ad formats

  • Ad placement

  • Bidding & Budgeting

  • Performance Metrics & KPIs

  • A & B Testing

  • Analytics & Reporting


Have Questions? let me answer it 😉

  • Why you ? 15+ years working with top brands, 100+ mentorship sessions, 5-star ratings & reviews, dedicated to staying updated with industry trends and best practices, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and up-to-date guidance. By choosing me as your mentor, you can trust that you are investing in your own success and unlocking your full potential

  • Difference between freelancing and mentorship? I'd execute specific tasks for you in freelancing—like a hired gun. But mentorship is about equipping you with the skills, strategies, and mindset to execute those tasks yourself. Think of freelancing as fishing for you; mentorship is teaching you to fish. To be clear, my role is that of a mentor, not a freelancer. I'm here to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel, rather than do the work for you

  • Privacy of the clients ? Client confidentiality is paramount with non-disclosure agreements in place. Rest assured, your challenges remain confidential.

  • Whats your track record ? Worked with 50+ brands, yielding an average ROI increase of 20% within the first 6 months.

  • What support do you get post mentorship? You'll get 30 days of email support to ensure you can implement what you've learnt

  • Do You Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee? If you're not satisfied after the first session, you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

  • How Quickly Can I Expect Results? Past mentees have reported noticeable improvements in their performance and strategy after implementing what i mentored after the first session

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Boosting Startup Revenue
Startup X struggled with customer acquisition and had stagnant revenues.
Implemented a multi-channel digital marketing strategy focused on customer personas.
Results:30% increase in customer acquisition
20% boost in revenue within 3 months
Expertise in data-driven strategies can solve key challenges in startup growth.

Case Study 2: Mentoring a Digital Marketing Team
A marketing team lacked up-to-date digital skills, affecting ROI.
Intensive 3-month mentorship program focusing on digital strategies.
Results:Improved campaign ROI by 35%
Increased team confidence and skill set
Skilled mentorship can uplift an entire team’s performance.

Case Study 3 : Boosting Marketing Creativity with Midjourney AI
Marketers wasted time and resources on external graphic design services, slowing campaign launches.
Delivered a comprehensive training program focused on Midjourney AI's advanced commands and parameters for AI-driven image generation.
Results:Reduced design costs by 50%
Accelerated campaign launch times by 30%
Mastering Midjourney AI equips marketers to produce visually stunning campaigns quickly and cost-effectively.

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